Mismanaged Resources and Misguided Agendas – the Achilles Heel of our Government

by 3agleheart

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg suffered a loss in his political campaign when a judge nullified his contentious ban on sugary beverages earlier this week, saying “It wasn’t a setback for me. It was a setback for the people who are dying. In case you hadn’t noticed, I watch my diet. This is not for me.”[1] Suggesting that anyone who partakes in a large sugary drink is slowly killing themselves, he downplayed this political loss and found a random diner in the city that would voluntarily follow the rules of the ban to aid in the health of its customers and to visit and beg other businesses to do the same.

Over the past 15 years, not including terrorist attacks or natural disasters, the death rate for New Yorkers is on a steady decline[2]. Even deaths surrounding bad health choices involving sugary drinks have progressively gone down; diabetes has seen a 6% reduction in deaths. The only factor in mortality rates among New Yorkers that has increased through all of this are victims of substance abuse. Substance abusers have increased mortality by 8%.

By this point, if you can’t predict where I’m going with this, you must be wondering why I’m nailing down these facts. While the media swirls around the ban that Mayor Bloomberg sought to place on soda and the judge overturning it, people’s rights to consume legal substances, and all the time and money spent on this issue – people are still dying from illegal substance abuse and other criminal activities. People are still being shot. People are still being kidnapped, raped, murdered, and robbed. People are still smoking in public places where innocent people are breathing in the toxins. Companies are still breaking the law and releasing toxic substances into our ecosystem. Politicians are wasting tax payer dollars on deciding whether or not our freedom to consume a legal substance is a right of ours or not.

And don’t get me started on the $250,000 he wants to drop in support of a study on hearing loss and personal music players…

Stories like this sound familiar? If you live in the Chicagoland area they should. For a couple of years, the city of Chicago banned the sale of Foie Gras, a plump and tender goose liver used as the main protein and garnish in several meals served in establishments all over the city[3]. The city spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on making this law, enforcing it, and combating restaurants that refused to take it off of their menu. Since the sale was banned, restaurants were seen selling an unusually expensive meal and giving the Foie Gras away for free. Chicago is no peace commune either; with the death tolls rising in multiple categories, law makers and law enforcement officials could certainly make a better use of their time than chasing goose liver dealers.

Even though the sale of goose livers was banned because of the inhumane way some producers were able to obtain such succulent products, the city didn’t seem to care about the way that other meat products were obtained and sold. McDonalds, for example, buys their beef mainly from the United States, and any supplemental beef from countries that adopted our standards[4]. Cattle are often butchered alive; you can consult any government or PETA website for that information. The cattle are stunned with electricity. Some physically die without pain while being butchered and some wake up helpless while they are torn apart piece by piece. More cruel than being force-fed 3 times a day to plump up your liver? I’d say it’s about the same. Yet law makers in Chicago didn’t ban the sale of beef. Why not? Not on their agenda. Their agenda. Instead of fixing and chasing the real threats, our leaders focus on pointless avenues and waste our money. Eventually, like Bloomberg’s soda ban, the Foie Gras ban was overturned and people are allowed to consume their hearty goose livers once more.

Now if only we can just get rid of that silly bean that costs us a quarter of a million dollars to polish every year…

Until we remind politicians that this is OUR country and OUR money and OUR rights, they’ll continue to line their pockets, please their constituents, and take our liberties away. I truly believe that our government will be the demise of our society one way or another. Right now, life is more than tolerable, but when it comes down to it in the future when we run out of resources, suck the life out of this planet, and destroy everything we hold dear – this shit is gonna bite us in the ass. Right now, it’s just soda and delectable meats, ear buds and other luxuries. But where do we draw the line? Curfews? Why should we wait until then to do what is right? We want a revolution.